A Comprehensive Practice Management System

After many years of operating chiropractic clinics, and having hired dozens of consultants for hundreds of hours, we have developed what we believe to be the simplest, most holistic practice management system available. 

We use an online management system as a skeleton, and have customized an integrated platform that includes your patient payment system and and patient scheduling, your patient files and SOAP notes, your accounting, your marketing and lead generation, even your automated patient relationship manager. 

The workflow between these options is designed to do two things:

  1. Automate the Operation.  The more automation, the less work there is for you. 
  2. Simplify the Workflow.  The idea is to have things easy to find and easy to use, and to have them "make sense."

This type of automation generates a lot of great "business intelligence" - information about your practice and its strengths and weaknesses. SIMPLY CHIROPRACTIC™ employs a team of "Business Consultants" who review your data with you each month, and help "coach" you to be stronger in some of your weak areas.  Remember: our motivation is successful franchisees/stores.  It is important to us that your practice is stable in its operation and growth, so we work with you to consistently improve your practice. 


Comprehensive Services

Our comprehensive practice management system offers an astounding number of functions and benefits, all fully integrated:

  • New Patient Paperwork 
  • Point of Sale/Merchant Card (Patient pays before adjustment - no billing!)
  • Membership Billing/Management (automated)
  • Exam and SOAP Notes 
  • Client files 
  • Client scheduling for appointments or calls (automated)
  • Text/Email Appointment Reminders (automated)
  • Holiday/Event Reminders (automated)
  • Check-In/File Pull for Patient (automated)
  • Accounting (either QuickBooks or Xero)
  • Marketing Reports (tracks search, social campaigns)

Automate the Operation

You have a practice - you see patients, want to spend time with them and focused on them.  We know that, and have designed a workflow that enables you to focus on them.  Virtually all of the workflows that can be automated have been. 

For example, a new patient can fill out all of their paperwork online or they can do it on a tablet when they get to your office.  Once entered, it automatically creates a file for you, in which you enter your notes, etc. They are also automatically setup for birthday, anniversary and holiday emails. Also, they pay at that time, which automatically tracks into your accounting software. If they are monthly members, it sets up an autobill.  If they haven't paid when they show up at your office, you simply hand them the tablet to fill out everything and pay.  

Ease of Use

From the new patient paperwork to SOAP files, and ongoing patient contacts to billing systems - the entire operational system is integrated into a single cohesive system.  That system allows patients to fill out their patient paperwork online or at your location to have it uploaded into your practice management system.  You can bill them prior to you seeing them and the system will enter your SOAP notes automatically.  It even reminds patients of their next recommended visit if they haven't been in a while, as well as wishing them a happy birthday, anniversary, and various holidays.  The entire system is not based on an in-office server, but rather cloud-based "remote access" so you can log in from home, the office, a tablet, or a laptop - anywhere there is internet.  

The workflow is designed according to the most streamlined workflow you can for your office. Aside from the automation, when a client checks in, they are automatically put in a queue.  You "pull" the client from your queue and their case file is opened to put in SOAP notes, etc. If they haven't paid, it let's you know and they can pay right there on the tablet. 


Practice Analysis & Consulting 

As we have said: We hold ourselves responsible to our shareholders.  Our motivation - and profitability - is designed around the concept of opening and successfully operating SIMPLY CHIROPRACTIC™ locations.  For this reason, we track and monitor the data surrounding each location to ensure they are maximizing their capabilities. 

In line with this position, we also employ multiple "Practice/Business Consultants" who review your data and other information about your practice.  These consultants come from a variety of backgrounds - operations, sales, workflow, even fellow chiropractors. After analyzing your information, they identify your strengths and weaknesses, and offer monthly (or more if you choose) coaching sessions to improve your performance. 

Our team works side by side with you from day one in helping to create a long term, sustainable and profitable practice for you. 


Business Intelligence Dashboard

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 2.14.51 PM.png

The SIMPLY CHIROPRACTIC™ dashboard is a remote web based owner log in application designed to simplify and manage relevant data to manage your business. The information is presented in a manner that is both comprehensive and easy to understand. The goal is to give the owner the pertinent and timely BI ("business intel") to manage and oversee every aspect of the practice. The Dashboard uses drop downs to display more details as well as offer alerts to areas that need improvement and offer solutions to improve.

The Dashboard is broken into the following areas:

  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Finance