Are you tired of doing spinal screenings? Testing newspaper ads? Begging your patients for referrals?

Let our team of marketing experts handle all your marketing! Simply Chiropractic has built a fully automated marketing system to drive patients to your practice.

From years of practice, from keeping track of success and learning from failures, Simply Chiropractic has generated a comprehensive, fully-automated marketing and advertising platform that drives new patients to your business.  Even before your doors open, Simply Chiropractic is setting up your Grand Opening to ensure that your practice hits the ground from the beginning with new patients.  Once operational, the marketing platform uses a variety of marketing and advertising disciplines - from digital ads to printed mail, from a car wrap to waiting room videos - to ensure that practice hits the ground running with new patients are coming through your door, that existing patients stay and refer others. 

Grand Opening

Simply Chiropractic begins planning your Grand Opening celebration around 90 days prior to you actually opening.  During this time, your website and social media pages go live, your blog and search ads start to heat up.  Even your online videos start to play locally.  An invite is sent via the mail and email, radio and potentially video, to come to your Grand Opening event.  Local businesses are contacted, offered seats, even local entertainment is used with the intent of establishing you as the new "local" chiropractor.  This generates revenue for you from your very first day and the attendees are put into a "drip email campaign" to maintain contact, educating them about your practice and services.  After the event, your business is up and running and already making money!

Ongoing Marketing 

Simply Chiropractic's marketing platform places a focus on digital marketing.  Digital marketing is easy to automate, and in today's world, people live on their mobile devices.  The statistics for digital marketing are strongly in favor of its use for local businesses:

  • The average person spends more time online than every other media method - including television - combined.  Branding Bricks
  • Total spending on Internet advertising is predicted to grow 12.9% next year. The Internet will become the largest medium for advertising in 2016 (ahead of TV).  MediaPost
  • Programmatic advertising currently represents nearly two-thirds (62%) of the digital display advertising marketplace (online, social and mobile) and will grow to 82% by 2018. The size of the programmatic marketing is expected to more than double over the next three years. MediaPost

And perhaps the most important one: 

  • Over 85% of people use the internet to find a local business. Yelp

So to effectively and efficiently market for a local business in today's world, digital marketing is a must.  But digital marketing is complicated. It is difficult to understand, there is a whole wide range of services and products and applications.  Becoming an expert at any of them is a full time job. 

At Simply Chiropractic, we understand this.  To make it easier to participate, we have vetted out the providers and applications for you, and come up with the most complete, effective marketing program for your business - with no learning curve.  The work is done for you.  All your have to do is focus on adjusting patients. 

"New Patient Production"  

It is the aspect of the chiropractic business that most chiropractors dread:  Standing in front of your local supermarket or gym, that uncomfortable feeling of asking for a referral, the group presentations, or dealing with the local newspaper guy.  Most chiropractors we know did not get into chiropractic because they enjoyed the advertising, marketing or sales side. Most chiropractors got into chiropractic because they wanted to help patients.  

Fully Automated

For that reason, Simply Chiropractic devised a fully automated marketing and advertising model.  All aspects of marketing are configured, optimized and maintained for the franchisee, so the chiropractor can focus on the most important aspect of their practice: the patients. While the chiropractor is adjusting patients, the marketing system is driving new patients to the website for signups in the background.  

A Comprehensive Package 

Simply Chiropractic employs multiple marketing services for each location and optimizes their use based on the analysis and needs for that location.   These services and their optimization are used in an automated fashion with little to no work on behalf of the chiropractor.  The following services are part of the marketing package:






The National and Local Simply Chiropractic website is designed to be modern and friendly, to be representative of your location.  Your website is your "mousetrap" - your marketing and advertising points patients towards your website, so it is integral that your website has the ability to capture and keep new patients.  The Simply Chiropractic Local Site is built with all of this in mind. Your local site, which ties into the Local Website, is customized for your location, but is built on a platform that is:

  • Optimized Configuration - the layout, configuration and content are optimized to generate to new patients 
  • Search Engine Optimized organically (SEO) - so you can be found on search engines
  • Mobile-Friendly - so people can find and see you on their mobile phones
  • e-Commerce configured - so patients can pay for your services online
  • Stored at a safe, national data center - so that it goes down less often, and is protected from storms and power outages.  
  • Social Media linked - the site is tied to your social media accounts 
  • Blog-linked - to give you new, fresh content easily shared with your patients
  • Interactive - to allow you to get form information and new patient paperwork online
  • Secure and restricted - to keep your information safe from hackers 
  • Analytics enabled - to continue to optimize the layout, content and configuration of your site to maximize new patients 
  • App-integrated - including your calendar, email, etc. 

The site is built on the reliable and visually stunning SquareSpace platform. 

Pay-Per-Click Search and Social Media Advertising

The very concept of efficient marketing is defined by pay-per-click ("PPC") digital advertising.  On the search PPC, someone has actively searched for your service, then affirmatively clicks on your advertisement to find out more or engage you.  And you only pay for the click, not the number of people you are in front of! On the social media side, your ads are targeted at very specific demographics, and still, you are only charged if someone sees your ad and wants to engage and find out more by clicking through!  Better yet, you are able to geographically target specific areas ("geo-fencing") right around your location, and once someone has clicked, you can make sure they see your ads again when they go to other pages ("re-targeting").

Running a quality PPC campaign takes time and focus.  It is both an art and a science.  Simply Chiropractic has contracted The NORBU Agency to manage all of the Simply Chiropractic campaigns nationally - in fact, they even handle the corporate campaign.  The NORBU Agency has experience with large chiropractic and other medical companies, and specializes in PPC campaigns. So to maximize the return on investment and to make sure our franchises get the results they deserve, we have "turned the keys" over to the experts!

You can’t optimize your Facebook Ads by only creating one ad! In order to create effective Facebook Ad campaigns that deliver your business real results, you need to test multiple variants for all aspects of your creative as well as different demographic targets.  Simply Chiropractic creates and tests hundreds of ads for the chiropractic profession. Making new experiments to test can increase your returns on advertising up to 100% and is as easy as one click.  We do the work for you, tracking and managing your Facebook Ads. More control over your ads for placement, timing, and custom audiences means higher conversion rates for you.

Viral Videos

Simply Chiropractic understands driving traffic to your webpage is critical to creating new patients. Simply Chiropractic utilizes thousands of creative minds to produce informative and interesting videos that will educate the public about many chiropractic topics.  You will get periodic customized videos that has the content syndicated to all your social media sites and on digital video PPC advertising campaigns.  

Display Network PPC

Have you ever been watching something on YouTube, when an video commercial runs?  Pandora? Netflix? Have you been reading a news article when off to the side there is a video playing that is relevant to the article?  Well, those ads could now be you and your location!  THis is called Display Network PPC.  It is a marketing method used for Simply Chiropractic franchises.  

Using the Celebrity Testimonials and Viral Videos from above, your ads will run on these sites, with a click through option to schedule with you. The ads are geographically targeted ("geo-fencing") and based on specific key words searched in the person's cookies (such as "back pain," "neck pain," "local chiro").  

US adults spend an average of 1 hour, 16 minutes each day watching video on digital devices. (BrandWatch).  Experience with Display Network PPC has yielded phenomenal results for chiropractic clinics, generating new clients in an extremely cost efficient and traceable manner. 

And the best part?  It is all managed for you!  All you have to do is be a Simply Chiropractic franchisee to participate. 

Social Media Presence

72% of all online US adults visit Facebook at least once a month (BrandWatch), and that doesn't include Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any others.  Today's world is driven and directed and by Social Media - if your business is not taking advantage of this phenomena, you are being left behind. The good news is that Simply Chiropractic franchisees have access to a fully automated Social Media platform that includes:

  • Account Management
  • Content
  • Optimization
  • Ads
  • Blogging

Our team will create your social media sites for your location, link them and syndicate your patient testimonials videos, viral videos and educational articles monthly as well as promotions, holiday events, wellness articles and more.  Driving new patients to your webpage and building a constant stream of new patients, Simply Chiropractic's Social Media platform will be a driving force as a point of your locations marketing program.

The program includes accounts on: 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+ 
  • Yelp
  • Instagram
  • YouTube, 
  • Pinterest
  • Angie's List
  • FLickr
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogger
  • Foursquare

Search Engine Optimization ("SEO")

The term "SEO" gets thrown around a lot in the digital advertising space, but there always seems to be a big mystery about what exactly it is and how it works.  Put simply, SEO is about where your business's website turns up when the specific important keywords regarding your business are searched, usually within a specific geographic area.  In other words, if someone is looking for you, can you be found?

Google and other search engines use an ever-changing formula to determine who goes in what order on search results. They use a variety of factors to determine this:  credibility of the website, geographic location of the searcher and the business, applicability of the content on the site to answering the search query, and so on. What SEO service providers allege is that they can "hack" this formula, and help your business attain a higher ranking - which is usually not true. 

The simple truth is that most companies are not properly registered online, and this improper registration lowers their ranking in search results.  Not at Simply Chiropractic.  We have hired former Google search specialists to make sure that each franchise location is not only properly registered, but also optimized.  We have also created a website format and content for your location that is optimized to correctly answer search queries. Additionally, we offer a blogging back-link that generates credibility for your location in the online community. 

Our technology division continues to stay on top of the newest technology and applications to ensure that your site is optimized for your local search patients in the most effective way possible. 

Blog Articles

"Content is King!"  Having relevant material available, with new material coming out periodically, that answers patients questions, or perhaps generates new lines of conversations with them, is a powerful way to engage existing patients and create new ones.  Simply Chiropractic franchises are provided with blog articles - written by actual chiropractors - that address common concerns, new findings, little known practices, etc. The articles can be disseminated to the blog, your website, and all of your social media accounts, creating a monstrous digital presence for you and your location. 

- Click to view some sample Blogs

Online Directory and Reputation Management

So a patient is looking for a local chiropractor and they put in your zip code.  Do you turn up?  Is it the right address and phone number?  What if the search is done on Yelp? Google? Bing?  This is a major issue, particularly for small business owners. The natural assumption is that you are there, so how could any of these places have the wrong info?  The common finding is that most of these locations may not even have your business registered and if they do, it is common they have the wrong contact information.  

Simply Chiropractic franchisees are part of the the "Online Directory and Reputation Management Platform" - or "ODR" for short. On the ODR platform, Simply Chiropractic will submit and monitor your location and contact information to over 50 of the most common directories (and even a few hundred uncommon ones). This builds credibility online, and boosts your SEO, and most important: makes you easy to find. 

Additionally, on any sites that offer reviews as well as registration, a monitoring mechanism is put into place to flag if any reviews are posted about your company.  The monitor alerts you and gives you the opportunity on many of the sites to accept or reject the review, which can be a powerful tool towards building an online reputation. 


In chiropractic school, at marketing seminars, we are told how important it was to send monthly newsletters. But the fact is that most of us are too busy, don't have the time, or forget.  The beauty of the Simply Chiropractic model is that it is done for you.  The content is written, pics, organized, and presented to you for approval before distribution to your patients, as well as all of your social media pages.  

Waiting Room Educational TV

Your own chiropractic TV station for your waiting room! Chiro.TV streams hours of content on patient education, health tips, new research, and more to your TV.  Educate and entertain your patients while they are waiting.

Educating your patients and keeping them engaged is an important part of building and maintaining your relationship with them– which means longer relationships and more referrals.  Chiro.TV streams hours of content– updated monthly– directly to your waiting room television. The content includes health topics, wellness tips, chiropractic education facts, the latest chiropractic research, seasonal wishes, and the like. The format is engaging and entertaining, with beautiful graphics, high-resolution video and photography, and professional editing.

Patient Feedback

We care what our patients are saying about us and our brand, which means your location too. We incorporate applications into the website to gather, track and manage patient feedback, helping you direct your attention to what is going well and where there is room for improvement. 

Auto Trigger Campaigns 

Patient retention - getting new patients is hard, so we want to make sure you keep them!  That is why we built an automated campaign that identifies patients you have not seen in some time or who are on the cusp of heading out, and we keep them engaged with auto-emails and text reminders.  This is all done automatically, so you don't have to even worry about it!


Simply Print & Swag 

We have all kinds of Simply Swag and print material available! Business Cards, Brochures, Post Cards, Print Ad Campaigns, Newspaper Inserts, Money Mailer, Cross Promotion Coupons, T-shirt Designs, Baseball Caps, Polo Shirts, Water Bottles, Coffee/Tea Mugs... the list goes on!


Simply Chiro Cup Front
Simply Chiro Cup Back
Simply Sip Cup

Simply Media Team

We keep an in-house Media Team, who has an expertise in Radio and TV ads.  Granted, this isn't for every market, but by keeping it in-house we are able to make it far more cost-effective.  Contact us and ask to see some of our commercials!

Postcard Campaign

SImple and effective, our series of 12 designs are created to correspond with holiday promotions to be used as a basic marketing tool. Pass them out to neighboring businesses, ask patients to bring them to work or put them at the counter at the local gym. Post cards when tied to marketing strengthens the results of new patients generated for your Simply Chiropractic practice. Our postcard promotions are affordable and effective.


Car Wraps

What exactly is a car wrap? it is a mobile billboard getting the public aware of your practice. Simply Chiropractic car wraps are fun, catchy, professional and effective. We use your wrapped Simply Chiropractic car in our social media to run contest for photos posted, where did you see our car? etc. as a fun way to get your patients involved. Just driving around your wrapped care alone can drive significant amounts of new patients in the door but coupled with the marketing your Simply Chiropractic can create it becomes an important part of your practice’s marketing.


Simply Radio commercials are Hip, Funny and a little Edgy . When utilized for the grand opening or for a burst of power to generate new patients; we have the solution. We will even help negotiate and buy the media time for you helping you get the most bang for the marketing buck.


Referral Program

The Simply Rewards Program integrates with our software platform to automatically increase retention, generate referrals, and increase usage of social media for your locations

Gift Card Program

Simply Chiropractic utilizes gift cards to repetitive patients, promote referrals, generate extra sales and reward patients, simply gift cards are a huge hit during holidays

Patient Relationship / Referral Program

Many chiropractors believe that if you do a good job and treat your patients, well they will refer new people to your practice. Sometimes they actually will and most of the time they won’t. Simply Chiropractic patient relationship system gently asks your existing patients for referrals throughout their simply chiropractic experience. For instance, your Chiro.TV in your waiting area, an email after their first visit, during a gift card promotion, holiday promotions and in a printed brochure. All will ask your patients if they love their experience at Simply Chiropractic (which they will), and to please tell your friends and family about us. When they do, we will reward them on our perkville rewards program with points towards services and gifts.

Birthday Promos

Isn’t it nice to have people remember your birthday? At Simply Chiropractic we make a big deal of our patients birthdays with custom emails, texts, postcards, plus special gifts to show we appreciate our patients and want to celebrate their date. PS. This is all automated.

Holiday Promos

We all love holidays and at Simply Chiropractic we have created a 12 month holiday promotion system. Each month we celebrate with our patients special days throughout the year . The holiday promotions gives you another way to stay in touch with your patients through emails, events and special offers, plus we at Simply Chiropractic want to make our practices personal, fun and full of reasons to celebrate.


Pretty interesting, huh?  If you want to speak to a Simply Chiro Crew member, click the button below and schedule a call!  Can't wait to hear from you!