One of the unique aspects of Simply Chiropractic and our Franchise Model is that we align ourselves with the franchisee, so that we are both motivated to accomplish the same mission: a sustainable, highly profitable and easy to run practice for you.  Having interests aligned (that is, we both earn more if your business is more profitable), we do everything we can to provide you with the tools necessary to maximize your clinic.

What we have realized is that every location and every owner is completely different. You have different strengths and weaknesses, and for that reason, require different types of help to reach the top of your game. While everyone requires the introduction to the systems and tools available, your ability to use them to their maximum efficiency will vary greatly from your co-franchisee.

Analytics and Your Dashboard

To identify your strengths and weaknesses, we have created an analytics platform (your “Dashboard”) to monitor the Key Performance Indicators of your practice. Your practice and its success can be measured in a few key areas. We have identified the following metrics as very important Key Performance Indicators of the health of your practice. This information is pulled from your various software applications – your practice management system, accounting, social media profiles, etc. – and is compiled in an easy-to-digest "Dashboard." The data is then compared month over month, year over year, as well as to the other locations. This will identify trends and strengths and weaknesses, which will be addressed in training and coaching sessions. 


Coaching Analysis Chiropractors

The training performed by the Simply Chiro Crew and some of our vendors is standardized for the locations. Training includes: 

  • Introduction to Simply Chiro and the model
  • Marketing
  • Chiro Assistant Training
  • CRM/PMS Training
  • Chiro Assistant Workflow
  • New Patient Workflow
  • Operations & Administration


Coaching is customized for each location, and is specifically orchestrated based on your needs identified in the Analytics. For example, if you may have a huge number of new patients, but struggle with the number of patient visit average, you would have scheduled coaching sessions to help improve. Another common example is if your revenue is a small fraction of your production, we will help you increase your collections efficiency.

Chiropractic and Business Coaching is a major benefit of the Simply Chiropractic Franchise Model, and the level of training is utterly unmatched. You will receive coaching from the Franchise Team and its vendors. Additionally, we have external relationships with third-party coaches at discounted rates if you are interested.


Kaizen is the Japanese term used to describe the concept of “constant improvement.” The idea is that, no matter how good you are at something, there always areas or components of it that you can brush up on. We approach both our business and your business that way. For that reason, we are always looking at new methods, new practices, new technology and the like to improve our business, our model, and your location.