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To change the life of every chiropractor we partner with…

  • How? To do WHAT?

  • To Straight-Up Chiropractic.?

  • To Run an office where you locate subluxations and ADJUST the spine to correct them.

  • What? And that’s it?

  • That’s Nuts!

  • To Re-establish the nervous system’s communication… so the body is able to maintain itself and… maybe heal?

  • What a crazy idea!

  • Sounds like the old days of “Above Down Inside Out” in the early 1900’s. Remember guys named DD, BJ, Sid Williams, DD Humber, James Firth, Clarence Gonstead, Harry Vedder, J H Craven, Ralph Stephenson, Virgil Chrane Sr, Michael Kale, James Drain. If not, go read them.

  • Give the patient an honest opinion if you think you can help them, if not refer then to someone to can

  • Charge for your services. Do you believe in your ability? Do you believe in the principles and philosophy of Chiropractic? If not, you won’t like us.

  • Be honest. Don’t perform things just because there are CPT codes for them

  • Don’t charge for things you don’t really do, but DO charge for what you do

  • See a lot of people

  • Love and Serve them

  • Treat them like you would a friend

  • Have fun in your office

  • Make a lot of money.

  • Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to make a great living being an old-fashioned chiropractor.

  • We have a simple procedure and a low overhead. You do not need a huge office, you do not need tons of high-tech expensive machines or tables.

  • Stop being a clerk, a biller, an HR professional, accountant, maintenance man, physical therapist, book-keeper. Turn off your cell phone. Open your doors. Preach chiropractic with fervor.


Here’s how we do it... We developed a true business system:

... profits are consistent and sustainable...

... operations are automated...

... dedicated marketing team...

... full support team ...


“I feel it my bounded duty to not only replace displaced bones, but also teach others, so that the physical and spiritual may enjoy health, happiness and the full fruition of our earthly lives.”
— Dr. D.D. Palmer

A Simpler Business Model

Our  model allows you to stop wasting so much time and energy on office administration, marketing, and other headaches, and to focus on the important part of your practice: your patients.  Our model  allows you to focus on taking care of patients, requires minimal employees, and offers strong cash flow and earnings potential.

Here is an overview of what our model offers:

“There are a large number of people in the world whose lives have been a perpetual struggle with disease, and who have been able to discover no possible pathway from which they could be rescued. No principle, law or rule came to the front. The various materialistic medications have been successively tried and all have failed. To them we hope some good will come by going to a Chiropractor who can apply the specific, pure, unadulterated and philosophical chiropractic which this book teaches. If they do so, then we will find what they want at the right place and in a very appropriate time.”
— B.J. Palmer, Vol. 5, The Philosophy of Chiropractic, pp. 12, 1908

Why choose us

Why choose us

The Simply Chiropractic model has three key components that make it unique,  and make it work so well. While we have a number of very attractive components of our model, these three make Simply Chiropractic stand out from the crowd. 

Operations & Administration

Automate as much as possible; streamline everything else. From our customized practice management system, to integrated finance and scheduling automation, our operations model is focused on getting you more time to focus on your patients.

Marketing & Advertising

"Net New Patients." That is the lifeblood of your business. With an automated, efficient system operated by a first rate marketing agency, we are able to deliver a steady, consistent stream of new patients to your door.  Efficient, consistent results. 

Coaching & Analytics

By aligning ourselves with your success (that is how we get paid) we make sure to give you every advantage possible. With ongoing practice analytics, and a business coaching regimen, we work with you to make your practice the best it can be. 

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Do you have a Plan and a ROCK-SOLID Protocol?


Do you have a Plan and a ROCK-SOLID Protocol?


  1.       How do you know a person needs to be adjusted?

  2.       What tools do you use to determine the care plan?

  3.       How do you know when the adjustment was great? Mediocre? Poor? And why?

  4.       How often do you adjust the patient and for how long?

  5.       How do you know if and when their spine is “Clear” of nerve interference?

  6.       When do you change their schedule and why?

  7.       Where do you set up an office? What kind of location is good?

  8.       How many square feet? What’s your layout going to be? How about décor?

  9.       What kind of tables?

  10.       Do you need an X-Ray? Computers? Software? And what kind?

  11.       Do you do Corrective Care? Maintenance Care? And when and why?

  12.       Do you know how you are going to charge?

  13.       Will you accept insurance? Be in network?

  14.       How do you handle families?

  15.       How do you handle scheduling?

  16.       How will you market?

  17.       How do you keep stats?

  18.       What are proper numbers for overhead?

  19.       Will you be a sole proprietor? LLC? Corporation?

  20.       How will you do book-keeping and write checks and pay bills and do payroll?

  21.       How should you pay a staff?

  22.       Will you save money? Get into outrageous debt? Pay off debt?

  23.       What type of personality should your receptionist have, your Associate have? Is there a way to “type” someone’s personality beforehand?

  24.       Do you need an accountant, lawyer, book-keeper, HR professional? And how much do you pay these people.

  25.       How do you keep patient records and daily notes, office records, check patients in daily?

  26.       Are you compliant, so you won’t get in trouble?

  27.       How do you set up payment arrangements?

  28.       How will you operate day to day?

  29.       Do you have checklists? Goals? Action Plans? Dreams?

  30.       How do you analyze a practice, to see if the numbers are poor, good, great?

We are a Team. We have many years of experience, at both failing and succeeding, between all of us.

We want to see our brothers prosper where we struggled for many years, not making the same mistakes.

We can help you avoid obstacles, making mistakes, doing things simply and profitably. 


“Chiropractors must have a clear understanding of the laws of Innate and of what occurs when an internal concussion of forces is created within the patient. Of course, if the Chiropractor himself is violating the laws of Innate, his service to others will be limited. We can’t give what we haven’t got.”
— -Dr. Bill Bahan

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Get in Touch

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